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enVy Copper Infused Face Masks





Based on the newest data about COVID-19 infected persons being asymptomatic, the WHO and CDC are recommending that everyone wear face ?coverings in public settings to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus?.

Standard masks vs COPPER infused masks are reviewed in this PLoS/ONE peer reviewed study Both masks can filter out a large amount of the viruses with equal efficiency. The key difference is that the remaining viruses that pass through the mask were inactivated when they pass through the COPPER mask, while they were still active and can infect if they pass through the standard mask. The enVy™ Copper Infused Mask may offer a similar result when worn in support of social distancing.

“I Protect You. You Protect Me.”

Our Canadian-Made enVy COPPER infused Face Masks uses genuine CuTEC™ Copper technology woven into the double protective layers of the soft feel TENCEL® Fabric of the mask.

Our masks are suitable for personal use and are:
✓ Germ-Killing
✓ Washable.
✓ Re-usable.
✓ Super Soft.
✓ Promotes Healthy Skin…bonus!
✓ Suitable for Personal use.

Our #MasksForward Initiative

ALL PROCEEDS from mask sales go towards making more enVy™ COPPER Infused Face Masks to donate, distribute or subsidize Masks for those who need them –
Our essential support workers! ??‍♀️?‍?️?‍?️?‍?️
*1000s have already been donated to Women’s Shelters, Hospital support workers and Nursing homes.*

Let’s leave the N95 Masks for our front-line workers in our hospitals ?who need them the most!!